David Carkeet


"David Carkeet is one of my favorite comic authors. I love his linguistic mystery, Double Negative, but the sequel, The Full Catastrophe, is even funnier."
--Alison Bechdel, 
NY Times Book Review, 7/26/12


"There's a guy named David Carkeet . . ."
--Fran Lebowitz on
The Charlie Rose Show




"David Carkeet has pulled off a feat of literary magic."
--Jonathan Kellerman


"Shrewd and wickedly funny."

"Anyone who doesn't laugh out loud at David Carkeet's writing needs to have their pulse checked."
--Carl Hiaasen


"A baseball novel so funny that audiobook manufacturers hesitate to record it for fear of vehicular liability."
--David Kipen in The Atlantic


"A stimulating display of wit, erudition, humanity, and narrative force."

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