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Six by Twain:

Plays from the Short Stories of Mark Twain

The plays can be previewed and downloaded at Drama Notebook.

Production History

"The Burglar Alarm" An adaptation of "The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm"

--Grantley College, Johannesburg, South Africa, November, 2019. Production. 

--Shovel Town Ten-Minute Play Festival, North Easton, MA, September, 2017. Production.

"Snowbound"  An adaptation of "Cannibalism in the Cars"

--Grantley College, Johannesburg, South Africa, November, 2019. Production. 

--Rosseau Lake College, Muskoka, Ontario, April, 2019. Production.

"Learn German With Ollendorff!"  An adaptation of Meisterschaft 

--Center for Performing Arts, Bonita Springs, Florida, November, 2019. Staged reading.

"Buck Fanshaw's Funeral"  An adaptation of chapter 47 of Roughing It

--Geneva Theatre Guild Youth Theatre, August 2021.

--The Never Sweats, St. Charles Hotel, Carson City, Nevada, April, 2018. Staged reading.

"Her Worst Enemy"  An adaptation of "The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut" 

--The Valley Players TenFest, Waitsfield, Vermont, August, 2017. Production. 

--Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, Flagstaff, Arizona, September, 2016. Staged reading.

"Adam and Eve" An adaptation of "Extracts from Adam's Diary" and "Eve's Diary" 

--Webster Groves High School, St. Louis, Missouri, March, 2017. Production. 

--Warner International Playwrights Festival in Torrington, Connecticut, October, 2016. Production.

Three of the plays had a staged reading by the MonteCedro Theatre Group, Altadena, CA, summer 2018.

Three of the plays had a reading at the Mark Twain Quadrennial Conference at Elmira College, Elmira, NY, August, 2017. 

Five plays had a staged reading, in French, at "Caractères," a literary festival in Auxerre, France, May, 2017. Two local community theater companies presented the plays. 

Six plays had a staged reading at the Mark Twain House and Museum, Hartford, Connecticut, November, 2016. Chris Bushey directed a cast of community theater actors from central Connecticut. 


Clockwise from the top left: Warner International Playwrights Festival; Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase; Mark Twain House and Museum; Auxerre, France; the Shovel Town Ten-Minute Play Festival; Mark Twain Quadrennial Conference, Elmira, NY; Grantley College, Johannesburg (2). (Photos, in same order, by Luke Haughwout, Marie Cummins, Anon., Pascal Arnac-Pautrel, Victoria Kirichok, Irene Wong, Lesley Visser [2].)

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